Nicole’s Real Estate News – March 2014

The spring buying season has begun. A variety of signs point to the underlying strength that should support real estate sales gains in the upcoming months of March through June. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist of the National Association of Realtors, notes that although the severe winter conditions in much of the country held sales down in December and some of January, “job growth and pent-up demand are positive factors.”

A surprisingly strong pace of new-home sales last month has boosted hopes. Sales of new homes rebounded to the fastest rate in more than five years. Sales of new homes rose 9.6% in January. It was the fastest pace since July of 2008.

Lowe’s, the home-improvement retailer, reports that their net income rose 6% in the most recent quarter, thanks in part to the housing recovery.

With anxious buyers and attractive mortgage rates, real estate seems poised for another great spring. Know that I am watching our local market and am ready to help when you need me.



Q: What’s this about a “house crush”?

A: If you’ve found yourself swooning over a house you just can’t get out of your head,  you’re not alone. In a new survey, 69% of the 1,000 respondents said they have had a “home crush” – a home they liked so much that they were drawn back to looking at it more than once online or in person.

Women were more likely than men to have a crush on a home that was out of their league financially, while men more frequently moved from one home crush to another.

Men and women tend to fall for the same things when it comes to houses, though. Of the women included in the survey,

  • 54% loved the outdoor living spaces
  • 42% shared open floor plans
  • 29% revealed updated appliances and fixtures

Of the men included in the survey,

  • 46% loved the outdoor living spaces
  • 30% revealed open floor plans
  • 40% swoon for garages
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